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Sari Lindauer

March 2018 – Empowering children to take charge of their own educational experience seems to be the overarching theme of Sari Lindauer's professional life. From her work teaching science at the Breakwater School in Portland to her co-coordinating the Youth Enterprise Zone (YEZ) at the Common Ground Country Fair, Lindauer is constantly looking for ways to help kids experience the joys of being "makers."

MOFGA Accepting Applications for Exhibitors and Presenters for the 2018 Fair

Would you like to be a vendor, exhibitor or demonstrator at the 2018  Common Ground Country Fair? Do you know of a presenter, artisan or Maine enterprise that would be a good fit for Common Ground? The application process for vendors, exhibitors and speakers for the 2018  Fair is underway. 

If you are interested in participating in the Fair as a vendor, exhibitor, demonstrator or speaker but are unsure of which area at the Fair is appropriate for you, call us for help at 207-568-4142 or review the area descriptions and guidelines posted on the Fair pages of

Start Planning for the Fair

Here are some things you can do now to start planning for the 2018  Common Ground Country Fair:

  • Volunteer as an area coordinator to help manage a part of the Fair that resonates with you.
  • Create a design for the 2019  Common Ground Country Fair poster design contest. Details are posted on the Fair Poster page at
  • Order seeds and start plants for your garden. Results could be entered in the Exhibition Hall displays or offered to the Common Kitchen to help feed volunteers during the Fair. Grow Your Own Organic Garden classes are taught throughout the state in early April to help get you started.
  • Work with your local schools and teachers to plan a student field trip to Common Ground. It's never too early to ask, especially because the Fair comes right after the start of the school year. All student groups get into the Fair free on Friday, and we also increased the reimbursement amount for school group travel expenses this year.
  • Work with your local Adult Education Program to organize a community bus trip to Common Ground. It’s a terrific way to help conserve resources while getting preferred parking near the Rose Gate! 
  • Tune your bicycle and body to bicycle, partway or all the way, to the Fair. Each year nearly 600 cyclists pedal to the Fair. 


Join the Team and Make a Difference at Common Ground!

Do you love the Common Ground Country Fair? Maybe you’ve been coming each year since you were young, or maybe you volunteered for a few shifts last year and want to do it again. We are looking for some dedicated individuals to join our volunteer Fair Planning Team.

Each year many individuals work hard to ensure that the different pieces of the Fair run smoothly. From the parking lots to the kitchen to the speakers’ tents, volunteers take the lead. Do you have a love for wool and yarn, are you up for taking a shift in the parking lot, or are you excited about alternative ways to get to the Fair? Perhaps you’ve volunteered many times and would be interested in becoming one of our hardworking area coordinators, organizing volunteers and scheduling events in a particular area of the Fair.

Whatever your interests, there is a way for you to make a difference. Contact MOFGA’s community engagement coordinator, Andrew Graham, at or 207-568-4142.

MOFGA Centerpieces Featured at Banquet

March 1, 2018 – This year the Common Ground Country Fair crew had the honor of providing the centerpieces for the annual Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs banquet in Portland. Our goal was to have all the centerpiece components be edible, reusable, educational or recyclable. As a result, our 65 centerpieces featured organic local vegetables from farms that were in the 2017 Common Ground Country Fair Farmers’ Market or Food areas. We also included recipes and issues of The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener newspaper. These were taken home and will feed and educate Fair organizers and volunteers, from all across Maine. People loved them!


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