Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Maine Axe and Saw Day

Maine Axe & Saw Day
2018 August date TBA
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ~ gates open 9:30
MOFGA's Common Ground
Education Center
294 Crosby Brook Rd., Unity, Maine
$5 per day, free for children

"To connect people to our tool manufacturing heritage and pass down skills for the proper use and care of traditional forestry hand tools."

Come back soon for more information and a detailed schedule of events.

DetailsExpect to See


We would like to see people bring old (and new) American made axes in various patterns, and various condition, (even damaged axes have a story to tell). European axes, Japanese axes and hatchets. Splitting mauls. Bill hooks, Kukri and other significantly robust blades that can handle chopping our native hardwoods. (Speaking of handles, bring ones that you feel are unique or practical.) Crosscut saws, bow saws, buck saws, and Japanese style timber saws. Modern versions of tools, produced by companies like LOGRITE, including log arches, as well as sleds and carts for moving wood are also welcome.

Howard Hardy will be one of the many enthusiasts showing off his collection and presenting on Maine axe history.


Come and experience a complete immersion in traditional forestry hand tools and skills. If you are planning on participating in a workshop involving chopping, we ask that you wear full leather boots and safety glasses. If you are in class to learn sharpening, bring a pair of leather gloves.

"A great day for seeing and learning about axes and saws, historic or modern. A real nice venue with quality exhibitors and vendors." – Art Gaffar, historian and collector


We are currently looking for more vendors and exhibitors to join the event. This includes collectors, dealers and traders. Food vendors are also more than welcome to join! If you are interested please contact Anna at for more details.


Are you interested in teaching workshops on specific skills? Are you interested in seeing specific workshops come to life? Reach out and let us know if you would like to help lead, organize or assist a hands-on workshop.


We are still looking for more sponsors to join the team. If you are interested in sponsoring this event reach out to Anna for more details on sponsorship levels and benefits.


Be a part of this special day! We would love your help as we prepare the grounds and assure the event runs smoothly. For more information, email or call 207-568-4142.
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Most workshops are "free range," i.e., ongoing all day and impromptu. Scheduled workshops are indicated with an asterisk (*). Some will have limited enrollment. Check the website for more details.

Workshop Participants: If you are going to participate in a workshop involving chopping, felling and limbing please wear full leather boots and safety glasses. If you will join a class to learn sharpening, bring a pair of leather gloves.

With Axe in Hand
• Felling*
• Limbing*
• Chopping* (horizontal) – Cristin Bailey instructs trail maintenance crews in the White Mountain National Forest in the safe use of axes. "Bailey" is an experienced "chopper" and especially fond of her double bit.
• Axe Safety for Kids (9 and up) with The Wildwood Path

• Sharpening Crosscut saws* – Larry Walters sharpens saws for trail crews in the White Mountains National Forest
• Two-man and one-man crosscut saw
• Bow saw and bucksaw
• Japanese timber style saws

Splitting and Stacking
• Axe, maul and modern variations
• Creating the beehive style pile
• Splitting Skills for Women with The Wildwood Path

Moving Wood by Muscle Power
Learn to maneuver various sized pieces of wood using: Peavey, cant dog and pickaroon, pulp hook, tongs, claws and timber carriers, log arch, sled/scoot and cart.

Can You Handle It?
• Removing old handles
• Handle making* – with Tanner Wilcox. Some native hard­wood blanks or logs will be available. Work from a shaving horse and a pattern to create your own handle.
• Hafting/Rehandling – with Geoffrey Burke
• Old Handles Display – including those mishandled

Restore, Refurbish, Renew
What to look for when buying an old axe head
Methods to refinish a head – or not! … leave the patina.

Axes: Shape It then Sharpen It
• Filing for the perfect profile
• Sharpening for effect – with Faxon McClaughlin
• Stropping for that close shave

Care for It
Simple ideas for caring for your axe head and handle

Sheath Making
Create a guard to get your axe home safely – An assortment of "alternative" materials will be provided.

Forging a Head
The Art of the Black­smithJeff Miller of Flintlock Forge is a master blacksmith. He formerly worked at Sturbridge Village and will ply his trade on Saturday.

Maine Axe History
The Lure, the Lore, the Legend

Axe Patterns to Know and Use

Visit our Exhibitors' Collections

Howard Hardy – Oakland Historical Society
Reggie Rackliff – Maine "Axe Man"
Alex Koch – an organizer of this event; curator of the newly founded Museum of Maine Edge Tools