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November 2017

My comfort is cooking. I put aside outside worries and focus on the ingredients, imagining what they can become.

Every week I visit farmers' markets. I walk through the market, exchange news and catch up with the farmers, like Adrienne Lee of New Beat Farm in Knox. I fill my bags with seasonal organic produce, from the first arugula, scallions and greens of the spring, to the glorious tomatoes, fennel, eggplants and herbs of summer, and the root crops and squash of the fall. I bring these treasures home, spread them on the counter and set to cooking.

Farmers' markets have sprung up all over Maine, made possible by the flowering of small, diverse farms. MOFGA has been there from the start, providing mentorship, technical assistance and hands-on training. Thanks in large measure to MOFGA's beginning farmers programs, the average age of Maine's farmers is growing younger, not older as in the rest of the country.

MOFGA's influence is felt not just in the farms and farmers' markets but in restaurants, grain mills, organic dairies, cheeseries, bakeries, breweries and distilleries.

For 47 years MOFGA has promoted organic gardening, helped launch farmers and worked for sensible public policy. It hosts dozens of educational workshops, from pruning apple trees to identifying garden pests, using a chainsaw safely, licensing a commercial kitchen and writing a farm business plan.

For most of us, MOFGA is first of all the Common Ground County Fair, a community of friends coming together to share hugs, stories and ideas. Tens of thousands of people come to attend the 790 educational workshops, shop at the craft booths and the farmers' markets and make new friends. The fair embodies the very best of MOFGA, hosted by thousands of committed volunteers and a dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

To celebrate MOFGA's efforts, a generous donor has given MOFGA a wonderful gift: the donor will match every donation made during this year-end appeal.

I know you and your family enjoy locally grown, organic food as much as mine does. Your past financial support enabled MOFGA to grow into the largest state-level organic agriculture nonprofit in the country. I invite you to join my wife, Susan, and me in taking advantage of this matching opportunity by making a special year-end gift. Let's realize MOFGA's vision of the future: healthy ecosystems and communities, and an economy sustained by organic agriculture. Gifts may be mailed or made at

Thank you for joining me in this effort,

David Shipman
Lover of good food and
President of the MOFGA Board of Directors

PS: Working together, we can help assure the future of this vital organization – and every gift will be matched. Please respond today.


Buying organic produce at the Belfast Farmer's Market from Adrienne Lee, owner of New Beat Farm in Knox. Lily Piel Photography

David Shipman

Preparing Saturday dinner at my home in South China. Lily Piel Photography

With my wife Susan. Lily Piel Photography